Students discuss plans for break

Every spring, hundreds of thousands of students flock to various destinations around the world. What is the reason for migrating? To take a break from the everyday stresses of being a student; to forget responsibility and truly relax; to catch some rays and hang with friends from the past and present; and to drink legally underage and then do stupid stuff that will only be remembered by watching the video. In essence, the reason is to party.

Junior Jessica Choi said she plans to go back home and have a simple vacation.

“I’m going to Astroworld and Kemah with my boyfriend and friends,” Choi said. “It’s not all that, but the trip to Jamaica didn’t work out.”

Not everyone will be out partying and enjoying the sun. Many students will be indoors stocking up on extra work hours, catching up on sleep and school work, and also working on projects due soon after the break.

Sophomore Monica Lara is one of the many students who will be working. Where would she go if she had the chance?

“Puerto Vallarta,” Lara said. “It’s a beautiful place to go and my aunt owns a chain of hotels there.”

Senior LaShonda Francis will also be working but knows where she would like to spend the holiday.

“I would probably go to Corpus Christi and just chill,” Francis said.

Are 24 hour partying, enjoying the scenery on a beach and forgetting responsibility on the list for seniors Anika LeBlanc and Crystal Jackson? Nope.

“I’m going to spend some time with my son and catch up on school work,” LeBlanc said.

Jackson said she plans to go home and spend time with family and friends.

However, both had ideas of where they would like to go for an ideal Spring Break vacation.

“I’d like to go to Jamaica but I’m going after graduation this summer,” Le Blanc said.

“I’d probably go to northern Virginia because I used to live there four years ago,” Jackson said.

Some students will have the opportunity to work and play. Junior Michael Collado is one of them.

“Last year all I did was chill in Houston with some buddies,” Collado said. “This year, I plan to make up for it.”

Although Collado said he will be working on an album with his group Flipnautikz, he will also be able to party. He and a group of his fraternity brothers are getting together and heading down to South Padre.

If these students had the opportunity, what are their top choices for Spring Break?

South Padre, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Florida, Mexico, California, New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Australia, Brazil, Greece, the Philippines and St. Thomas rank high on the lists of students at SHSU.

These preferred locations are not much different from many other students’ choices around the nation. According to a few Web sites such as Inter-Campus Programs, Inc.,, and, the top five destinations are about the same for students all over the country.

Here is the list according to the mentioned Web sites. These locations are given in no particular order:





5.South Padre

These are just a few of the many places to go for Spring Break. However, don’t forget, there are various ways to spend your vacation. No matter how exotic or how domestic their destination, every student had one thing in common. Wherever they go or want to go, they all want to be “right near ‘da beach.”

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