Students pick sides for Super Bowl

Super Bowl XXXVII will be this Sunday between the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and many SHSU students are choosing sides and making plans for where they will watch the event.

Some students have decided to support Tampa Bay, and they talked about their plans for Super Bowl Sunday.

“Tampa Bay all the way,” said freshman Josh Rosenthal.

Junior Dustin Cole said, “I’m going for Tampa Bay, the Bucs rock!”

Both Rosenthal and Cole said they plan to watch the Super Bowl with friends.

Sophomore Johnny Dodson said he also wants Tampa Bay to win.

“I’ll probably go over to my brother-in-law’s house and have a party over there,” he said.

Another Buccaneer fan, sophomore Kevin Granderson, said, “Tampa Bay is going kill them boys, Buccaneer style.”

Many Buccaneer fans said the key to a Tampa Bay victory would be stopping Raider quarterback Rich Gannon.

“If Tampa Bay can stop Gannon, then I think they can win,” freshman Steven Rehn said. Even students who aren’t hard and true football fans said they are still making predictions on the season’s biggest game.

Junior Jeffrey Bowden said although he doesn’t like to watch football very much, he thinks Tampa Bay is going to walk away with the victory.

“I’m supporting the Raiders because they are the only team that I know of,” freshman Jan Byrd said. “I don’t watch football very much, but one time I saw the Raiders play on television and they won.”

Many Bearkats are long-time Raiders fans, and they also discussed their plans for Super Bowl Sunday.

“The Raiders run the offense better than any team ever,” junior Mark Sherrill said. “Gannon, Rice, and Brown all have long experience in the NFL, and that experience will get them through the Super Bowl.”

Senior Michael Curl said he is supporting the Raiders so receiver Tim Brown can finally get a Super Bowl ring.

“He’s one of the only three receivers with more than a thousand catches,” Curl said. “I don’t feel he’s received the recognition he deserves.”

Curl, a resident advisor at Smith Hall, said he will watch the Super Bowl in the dorm because there will be a Super Bowl party for all of the hall’s residents beginning at 4:30 p.m.

Sophomore Tice Bain said that Raiders fans are known for their aggressiveness at the games.

“Whether the Raiders win or lose, their fans will probably start a riot,” he said.

In spite of which team walks off the field victorious, students said Super Bowl Sunday is always an excuse to spend time with friends and have a good time.

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