Survior changes rules, Silas gets voted off

Last week’s teaser “old friends and alliances will be put to the test,” rang true for “Survivor” contestants. “Survivor” changed the rules of the game forever by having members switch sides.

Thursday’s episode began with host, Jeff Probst, asking each tribe to select its three best members. Boran chose Kelly, Lex and Tom. Samburu selected Silas, Frank and Teresa. The six selected members met up with Probst to hear the shocking news of the switch.

“As you guys have certainly figured out by now, the game of “Survivor” is always changing, and it’s about to change again,” said Probst.

Members were asked to switch their team colors.

Tom, showing disappointment, said, “When Jeff said ‘give me your buff,’ I almost turned around and bolted.”

When Lex, Lindsey and Tom arrived at Samburu, the other tribe members were excited to see new people. That quickly changed to a nervous feeling about alliances and strategy. The Boran members were disappointed with the state the new camp was in.

“They keep waiting for a mysterious thing to happen in Africa. Wood is going to fall out of the sky; there is going to be an Artesian water well come into the camp, and even a swimming pool. I feel like we have to get out there and pull the plow,” Tom said.

Back at the Boran camp, Frank and Teresa were excited to be away from the younger group and to have the advantage again.

“We are alive again,” Teresa said to Kim.

For the reward challenge contestants had to herd goats into a pen. The first team to successfully herd all 20 goats won three egg-laying chickens and a rooster.

Tom, a goat farmer from Virginia, thought he had the advantage; however, Silas’ strength ultimately prevailed.

Back at camp, Lindsey began feeling the pressure to win the immunity challenge.

“She doesn’t think about strategy at all. She just runs her mouth,” Brandon said. “She is running scared that they are going to vote for her, and doesn’t care that Kim and I are trying extra hard from keeping that from happening.”

Back at the Boran camp, Silas and Clarence were feeling the pressure of being voted off. Ethan convinced Kim to help throw the immunity challenge so they could go to vote and get rid of Silas. At the immunity challenge, teams had to put together a life-sized puzzle. Lindsey worked fervently to complete the task. With the exception of Silas, it was obvious Boran wasn’t trying too hard. Samburu won the challenge and Boran went to tribal council.

At tribal council, Silas became the fifth contestant voted off.

“I had planned on winning the whole thing, obviously,” Silas said. “You come here to win, and that’s basically why I came out here. But it was an unbelievable experience, an unbelievable game.”

Next week a tribe member many dislike turns out to be a good teacher, and one member will overhear a conversation betraying their friendship. The next weeks episode airs Thursday on CBS.

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