Texas country coming to Huntsville

Look out Huntsville! Seems our town has been turning into a Texas-country oasis right before our very eyes.

Cory Morrow and Roger Creager are coming to Huntsville to continue the Texas Live Music Series at the Jolly Fox.

Morrow will be performing Saturday night and is one of the up and comers on the Texas-country music scene. Morrow is best known for his duets with Texas-country legend Pat Green, but things weren’t always this good for Morrow.

The former Lubbock native and Texas Tech student left school to pursue his dream in 1993 and make it big in the country world. After struggling to put together a decent band, Morrow started gaining the attention of some of country’s biggest stars like Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker and Robert Earl Keen.

Morrow and his band soon moved to Austin in hopes for making a big impact on local radio stations, but was forced to play at several small venues with small audiences. It wasn’t until he recorded his first live album that fans across Texas discovered Morrow’s talent.

Since then, Morrow has been unstoppable, carving a fan base that stretches from Lubbock to Charlotte. Huntsville is just one of the lucky stops he is making across Texas.

Doors will open at 7 p.m. Saturday and a limited amount of tickets are available, Tickets are on sale for $12 in advance at Humphrey’s, so if you want some, you better act now!

Morrow isn’t the only big Texas-country singer/songwriter that is gracing Huntsville with his presence.

Self-proclaimed “Bad Boy” of Texas-country Roger Creager will be making his return to SHSU by performing next Friday at the Jolly Fox.

I know what your thinking, “Return to SHSU?” That’s right Bearkats; Creager used to roam the halls of this great university just like we do now, so you can bet he’ll have some interesting things to say about his former alma mater.

Creager, a former accountant, decided to have “something to fall back on” before trying to pursue chasing his dream of becoming a performer. Since then, he has created several popular hits. His most noticeable is the song Everclear.”

Not only is Creager bringing his hit-making band, the singer/songwriter is also brining some friends. That’s right, Honeybrowne and Djanko Walker, Jerry Jeff Walker’s son, will be opening for Creager to help start the night off right.

Doors will open at 7p.m. and tickets are $12 in advance and are always available at Humphrey’s before the show.

With all this talent coming in to Huntsville, there is no reason why you should go home this weekend. These artists guarantee a good time, and there is no reason if you’re in town not to make this a priority. The Fox is a fun place and has something that appeals to everybody so come out and have some fun!

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