The college drop off

You cannot take a successful trip with an overload of baggage. Life after college is the most important trip you will ever take and this is the place to unload uneccessary items.Carrying certain things with you for the rest of your life can only make for a rocky journey. Unload baggage marked Bad Friendships. Friendships are a big part of a college student’s life. Therefore if you have a friend who you have known for the past four years, but you would not dare introduce them to your parents, let them stay at your house or even be within two feet of your kids, why do you have them for a friend? College is not only a time to make friends but also to decide who your real friends are and let go of some if necessary. A friend like the one mentioned above should be left behind before you cross the stage,Unload baggage marked Unproductive Relationships. While in college it is important to date and get to know people but if you have been in a relationship for two or more years and you dont think you can marry this person then why are you with them? What are you working toward? Hint: If you have been with someone for a while and know you do not want a life commitment, this is the time to let them go. At our age, our playing days are almost over.Unload baggage marked Time Wasting. I cant count the number of friends that I have had who spend semesters in classes that they dont even need. How many music classes can one person take? Often times these classes have nothing to do with their major. Even worse, some students wait until they have 70 hours to declare a major. No, no, no. This type of time wasting will only repeat itself in other aspects of your life.Unload baggage marked Procrastination. If an assignment is due on Monday, its OK to start on it before Sunday night. Try doing an assignment ahead of time–you will feel 10 times better about it.If you leave these bags at the college baggage claim you will prepare yourself for a more successful trip into the rest of you life.

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