The good ole days

I was studying for finals when Old Main Burned. Word spread like wildfire through town. Many of us gathered helplessly to watch.We watched through tears for the memories that were going up in flames. Many things have changed in our world.I am reminded of the brave young men like Jimmy Stewart, who, instead of criticizing his country, join with the rest of the brave young men of his time and join in the fight to win over tyranny in WWII. You know many Americans didn’t want to war with Germany over Hitler’s running of his country then either.After boycotting the Academy Awards show this year, I will have to pick and choose the movies I watch, if I watch them at all anymore or support any mouthy entertainer.What fine young men or women in the entertainment industry have rushed to support their country in this time of war? So far I know of none. I would be curious to know if any of them have gone to serve their country. Do you know? I would like to see a list of the actors in the 40’s who went to support the armed forces compared to a list of today. If we boycott the Hollywood set, perhaps they would get the message. You know we really don’t NEED them, like they NEED us.Perhaps they will then learn what real life is like outside of their make-believe world.Robin Longmire Berry (1983)

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