The human race deserves credit for their many technological advancements – – not flack for the imagined negative effects of their progress

Goebeler warned us that overpopulation is a disaster, that mankinds success is mankinds suicide. Mankinds success should not be greeted with sorry visions of fear and doom, but of a morning of human renaissance.Why is population multiplying rapidly while it remained stagnant for 50 centuries?The obvious cause is technology. The expansion of civilization, propelled by scientific creativity, allows environments for humans to flourish.Pesticides, vaccines, increased quality of food and abundant medicine–these all swelled population numbers. Population soars not because we are mating like rabbits, but because we have stopped dying like flies.But from where did this technology spring? It care from the embracement of science, of achievement of the mind. I refuse Goebelers vision that man is but a mouth and the sum of wastes. Man also contains unlimited productive elements due to mans mind having unlimited potential.Amazingly, human productivity is not taken in account, only human consumption is.When there were 4 million humans, we hid in dirt enclaves and exhausted time hunting rabbits. Now there are 6 billion. In the Western world, while a minority tends to agriculture and shelter, the vast majority of us pursue sciences and arts with increasing preciseness. Present standard of living could not be achieved if we lived liked the ancients,that all our time was consumed by concerns of agriculture and stolen by the monthly plague and yearly famine. The more people, the more minds and the more momentum for science and technologys growth.And if technology came from science, where did science emerge? Science came when mankind made a stupendous discovery, one that I revere more then fire, farm orfactory, the discovery of liberty. Liberty slashed the kings scepters, uprooted the throne and proclaimed our destiny is in our hands, not in the hands ofintellectuals in a fantasized Rome. This liberty unleashed the genius of man and shattered historys cruel cyclical course.But does the scare of overpopulation allow us liberty?We are told that liberty creates famine, that if left to our own devices, we will consume all resources, make no more, and starve ourselves. We are told that entropy shall smash civilization.But to apply the second law of thermodynamics to human action is as stupid as to apply the theory of relativity to matters of all academia and proclaim, “All is relative!”It is wrong to see resources as gentle fruits from the Earth. Resources spring from the creativity of man, not the stasis of nature. Oil would remain the black goo that hideously seeped to the surface poisoning water and land unless man utilized it. The ore that makes metals would be worthless rock unless man molded it to his own use.This explains why, throughout history, the more resources mankind uses, the more weend up with. You say, “But the Earth is finite.” What does that matter? The Earth did not create the resources. But you answer, “The material behind the oil and ore was made by the Earth.” With this logic, we would say that the clay made the pot rather then the potter. If the clay were not available, the potterwould simply use something else. Remember, the purpose of resources is not the oil; it is the energy. It is not ore; it is the metals. All these can be obtained by practically anything that makes the clay making the only true resource the human mind. We are also told that overpopulation will leave us with no place to live! Have we become so accustomed to our cities and communities that we forget the vast empty land that dwarfs us? Six billion people all fit in the state of Rhode Island. Given some land, 6 billion fit in Texas with room to spare.Alas, the fear persists. Goebeler warns thusly, “While Malthus has been wrong in his time-line predictions, we are not able to disprove his Utterly Dismal Theorem.” And I warn Goebeler that we cannot disprove the existence that there may be unicorns on Mars. You do not fantasize a theory and demand that it be disproved. Such imagination has no place in science for it is revolting to reason.With peace and abundance secured, all that threatens is silly fear. Risks and harmful possibilities are ceaselessly rained upon us, all with the promise that altering human behavior, through re-education and limitless legislation, will save us from ourselves.But justice demands the cast-off of chains not just physical but of mental, the rejection of unreason.Only then can liberty be realized, unleashing science upon time and allowing abundance and prosperity upon Earth. This ceaseless arrest of unreason is no light task; it is fit only for the free.

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