“The Laramie Project” Editorials

By Regina DennisonI would like to address the two men who wrote the editorials about “The Laramie Project.”First, Mr. Joseph Hill, I feel you have very good intentions with what you were saying. Huntsville does only cater to a certain market of people and is extremely far away from everything. Most couples with children move here simply to shelter their children from the real world. That is what causes there to be no diversification in this town. There are not enough people that are nonconformists to do anything to change the situation. If there were, there would be a bigger market for someone to open a gay bar or anything geared towards a specific group. If someone were to do that now, all he or she would be doing is throwing money down the drain.In addition, I know from experience that small towns have their little groups of people. If your family has not lived there for at least two generations, you are not allowed in any of those groups. This college is the same way, except it is sororities and fraternities and you have to be willing to go through hell to get into one. Personally, I do not feel it is worth it.Now, Mr. Caleb Drake, I feel what you had to say is completely typical of a fundamentalist Christian and just the kind of propaganda I have come to expect from people like you. We as Americans and humans in general have the free will to choose who we want to share our lives. If I were to want to share my life with another woman, I would expect to get the same treatment from society as I would if I were with a man.I was brought up in a very Christian household and I know all about the Bible. Now, maybe your Jesus would not accept a homosexual, but if my reading of the Bible is correct, he would forgive that person. He is supposed to be a loving and forgiving God, isn’t he?You also stated very boldly that homosexuality has been “largely attributed to the spread of AIDs.” You need to look up your facts before try to speak as if you know what you are saying. Yes, many homosexuals have AIDs but almost just as many heterosexuals have it as well.You also made the comment that a man and a woman who abstain from sex until they get married are not going to spread AIDs. That is obvious. However, is it not also true that if two men or two women abstain from having sex until they become life partners, they will not spread AIDs either?No, I do not want my children reading “Jack and Bill went up the hill” either. But no one is putting it on front of his or her nose and telling them they have to read it. At the same time, I do not want my children to be forced to listen to people pray at the beginning of a football game if they do not want to but if they ever decided to attend a football game that is what would happen. The real world sucks, deal with it.

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