The Law is the Law

I’m writing in response to editorials posted in the past couple of weeks over the Greek license plate dispute. People have accused UPD and Huntsville Police of racial bias and so forth in their editorials over the last couple of weeks. I just want to tell those of you who have griped this one thing: the law is the law. It upsets me to see that members of Greek organizations are saying that they should be allowed to be exempt from the law. Texas law says that you are required to have two license plates on your car: one on front and one on back. Yes, other states may not require both plates, but you are not in those other states; you are in Texas. If you live in this community, then you should follow the law. Huntsville Police and UPD are simply doing their jobs, jobs that they have sworn to do and that they are paid by taxpayer dollars and university funds to do. That job is to protect the people and enforce the law. It’s wonderful that you wish to express your pride for being a part of a Greek organization, but your pride needs to be kept within the boundaries of the law. If you break the law, then you should take the punishment. Just because you are in a fraternity or sorority does not mean that you are exempt from the law. The accusations of racial bias by UPD and Huntsville PD are ridiculous; they are doing their job. I’m not racist, but I’m tired of hearing the childish talk and the “jumping to conclusions” that the original editorial was doing. All I can say is that if you don’t like the law, then you should write your state congressman and tell them, but until then, you need to obey the law. Don’t make accusations because someone is doing their job.

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