“The Ring” movie review

Many students are experiencing the most frightening movie- viewing incident in their adult life when they build up the courage to see “The Ring”. This thriller begins with the surprisingly strange death of a journalist’s niece and shows her adventures while she struggles to figure out why her niece has died. The horror in this movie does not take the traditional route of having a madman killer, but the intrigue is surprisingly placed in a videotape that does the shocking in this picture. As the character learns the origin of her niece’s death, she then realizes that her son’s life, as well as her own, is in danger unless she solves the mystery of the horrible tape that kills the viewer seven days after viewing it. The plot is simple, but simultaneously terrifying. The setting of the film is dark and gloomy, which helps portray the terror in the movie and is reminiscent of a dark movie theatre. During the movie you can hear several screams from the weak of heart that also help promote the scary feeling you already receive from watching the film. The film does not use a lot of big named actors, and in my opinion, does not have to. From the directing to the acting, the whole cast of this film did a tremendous job and made the story believable. The suspense never stops throughout this film and the filmmaking is amazing. You are left wondering what is going to happen next because the film has several plot twists and turns. The film establishes a connection and makes you afraid for your life, partly based on the fact that the story is not too extravagant. The film does not need the big budget that other films require and still does an impressive job. If you like scary movies, then this one is for you. Good story. Good movie!

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