Things to do in Huntsville for you and your date

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, and you know what that means: guys are panicking and frantically searching for that gift to make that special person smile.

If you are like me you are going to put off spending that hard-earned cash to the last possible second and you are going to need some ideas to entertain your date. This is where The Houstonian comes in. We are going to give you an in-depth look at the blossoming Huntsville economy and give you tips to improve your Valentine’s Day experience.

First off is the gift. Everyone knows that Huntsville isn’t exactly the economic oasis that Houston and Dallas are, but believe it or not the square downtown does have some store that could be of use to you when looking for the “original” gift.

First up is the student favorite Candy Bouquet. The Candy Bouquet is located next to Quizno’s on Sam Houston Avenue and they offer a wide variety of gifts that can be arranged in various assortments. Most people believe that it is more personal to let it be personalized and Candy Bouquet has got you covered because that is basically all they offer. They have floral type bouquets and instead of fresh flowers, they use silk flowers. Further helping the customization of their products, they prove the value of their name by offering various floral assortments that are made straight from candy.

The store has basically everything you could offer by making gift baskets, plush animals, bath soap, picture frames, coffee, tea, gourmet pastas and soup mixes available for sale. In addition to these options Candy Bouquet also has balloons and the all-important boxed chocolates that can be assorted in various boxes.

Another place you can find that special something is the infamous King’s Candies. King’s is located on 11th Street, on part of the square. King’s Candies offer a wide variety of gifts that could be found useful everyday and especially on Valentine’s Day. They have soups, salads, chocolate candy, gummy worms, regular assortments of candy, 16 flavors of Blue Bell ice cream old fashion sodas, and ice cream treats.

King’s has countless valentine chocolate boxes, with prices ranging as low as $4 to a high of $90.

The last place on our list is Just A Thought. Just A Thought is located once again on the “square” and offers non-perishable gifts like leather belts and purses, not to mention cards, balloons, money clips for men. If you are looking for something different Just A Thought has what you’re looking for.

Next up is the event. You can’t just give your date a gift and call it a day, no you have to go out and make the presentation of the gift look romantic. Do not be alarmed Bearkats, this is not difficult.

This problem can be solved easily simply by going out to eat at one of the nicer Huntsville restaurants like The Junction or The Homestead. The creative person might want to set up a surprise picnic by the pond at the Memorial Museum or at one of the parks around Huntsville.

If eating out just isn’t your thing, you could easily solve this dilemma by going to see a romantic movie or a new release at the Huntsville movie theatre. This would help set the tone for a romantic evening and give you an easy two-hours to spend some “quality” time together, which leads me to my next point.

Finally, it’s time to be creative by capping the evening off and finding some place to cuddle. One of the most famous hot spots is the gazebo at the Memorial Museum. This would give you some of the one-on-one time you could want and could be place to where you could get to know your date better.

Another cool place you could go is the Old Main pit right on campus. With the right amount of candles and blankets, the pit could be one of the most romantic places on campus. The fact that it is within walking distance from every dorm does not hurt either and if someone beat you there and you do not want to impose you could always go play with the ducks at the pond.

Whether you didn’t have plans or if you already had plans, I certainly hope these tips will help you out. Whatever you do and wherever you go, the entire staff at The Houstonian encourages you to

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  1. Julia Walsh

    This article is sorely outdated. Someone didn't do the research on the businesses mentioned. KIng's Candy has changed names and Quiznos and Candy Bouquet are out of business. If you call this updating an article, why begin it with Valentine's Day when everyone knows this is the Christmas season?!

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