This is our war

I don’t know how you can call the war in Iraq “his (President Bush) war.” It is OUR war, we are ONE nation under God and indivisible. It seems that every where I turn people are supporting the war and our troops. I know there are a number of people who denounce the war. This letter is to those people who don’t support our President and our troops.

You say you don’t support our president, you say we should have given more time (is 12 years not enough?); you say we should have gotten more evidence. Well have you ever thought about this? Everything we as regular citizens know, every one else in the world can know. May be the evidence we (U.S.) have is kept secret to protect national security. Perhaps the information is kept out of the media to protect our troops and other agents of the U.S. We as Americans are quick to jump the gun and criticize what we don’t know. President Bush has information we (citizens) don’t and we have elected him to use that information and make decisions for the U.S. I understand if you don’t like war, fine. But when you start bashing our president and our military it has gone too far. You don’t know all the facts, so don’t judge the decision on how to act until you do.

A weapon of some kind that is made by any rouge nation and sold to terrorist groups is a threat to us and the rest of the world. Terrorism hits hard at home for every one, but it hits harder on those of us who have an obligation to protect the public, the military abroad and here at home, the police, emergency medical technicians, and firefighters. The civilians can run away from an attack but those of us who step up and take the call can’t, we must run into it. Some say the war is about oil, I for one believe it is just the next step in a larger plan to eliminate terrorism.

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