TX Government to Thwart Genealogical Research

Bill SB 174 – Filed by Jane Nelson, District 12 Grapevine, TX makes it impossible to be able to access information on marriage records to the public including genealogists and family historians. Bills SB861/HB1778 seek to make birth records remain closed for 75 years. Currently they are closed for 50 years. This makes it increasingly difficult, and for some impossible to research their lineage and family history. DD214 legislation is also being passed in a futile atttempt to stop identity theft. There is a petition online and the link to it is http://www.petition-them.com ,then click on human rights tab. Please help us to stop the government from taking away access to our heritage. We would appreciate any mention in your publication regarding this issue or any other help. Thank you for your support.

Respectfully, Rosanna Urban Parra

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