UFO on campus

Sam Houston State University’s Un-funded Organization, a division of the Student Government Association, offers funding to campus groups interested in hosting functions that benefit the university as a whole.

“This program has been around for about four years, but is underused,” said Donovan Pitre, treasurer of SGA.

The UFO grants money to organizations that meet the requirements and wish to host events open to all students.

The petitioning group must be university recognized and must have updated information on file with the Department of Student Activities.

Those organizations that meet the criteria are eligible to receive an application for funds from the SGA department, provided that all funds go toward an event held on campus.

UFO funds may not be used for food, travel or alcohol. All organizations interested must fill out an application in its entirety and turn it in to the department at least three weeks prior to the event.

After the application is completed, the SGA treasurer must be contacted and an appointment with SGA’s Finance Committee must be made. A presentation from the organization will be expected.

“Make sure all the questions on the application have been answered,” Pitre said. “Also, be sure to list several different vendors for an item that is being requested.”

Pitre said listing several vendors allows the committee to research all providers and choose the most reasonable.

The committee allows an organization to receive up to $1,400 per academic school year.

According to Pitre the UFO had $9,700 as of September and only one campus organization had taken advantage of the available funds.

“We are not trying to give the money away, but student government wants to see the campus come together by these different programs sponsored by UFO,” Pitre said.

The Golden Key Honor Society received $180.25 from the UFO to help fund the Memorial Bench Dedication. The initial proposal contained a higher estimate of funds needed, but the committee denied some requests.

“Fortunately, we had enough money in our bank account to cover what was denied,” said Ryan Hoover of Golden Key.

Hoover said Golden Key was organizing the Memorial Bench Dedication event when Ben Bostick, speaker of the senate for SGA, notified the group about the UFO.

Since the honor society’s event served all SHSU students, as well as faculty, the organization was able to request UFO funds.

“We have never campaigned for the UFO; organizations that have used funds in the past have found out by word of mouth,” Pitre said. “We really want students to start taking advantage of it.”

For more information on the UFO or how to obtain an application, contact the SGA at 294-1938.

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