This is in response to Mr. Degrate’s poem in the last issue:

“If you would open your heart, instead of being blind through your eyes, If you would hear with your ears and not listen to lies,If you could feel with all of you and not just ONE to compromise,You would see it’s not womanese, it’s honesty, love, respect, and truth…Women do have a language all their own, but so do you!

What happens when you want us to read your minds,like we have absorbed psychic ablilities while trying to maintain our sanity, along with our durability to accept more and more?

What happens when you want us to absorb information by osmosis and regurgitate it word for word, and you can’t remember one day?

What happens when we are supposed to help, but not help, so you feel like a man;and really all you want is to feel the touch of our hand…When you want to be macho but call your mom at the same time, putting us through heaven and hell at the same time?

What happens when our favorite movie is on, but so is your game, and we end up at a friend’s house, so we don’t have to hear your speech about your territory and terrain….

I’ll tell you what happens, because it happened to our mom’s before us..We take it all in, talk to God and breathe, and call our friends and talk womanese….

We compromise because of the love in our hearts, and we don’t try to understand ya’ll, we just keep doing our part…Yes we may have a language of our own, but you don’t have to understand it, you need to understand us….or just try real hard….

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