University joins fight to save professor’s life

The student body of Sam Houston has pulled together in support of Dr. Timothy McGuire, a computer science professor, who is ill with Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph system.A necessary bone marrow transplant other medical bills totaling more than $15,000 has caused Brooke McGuire, daughter of the professor, and the Baptist Student Ministry to sponsor a car wash fundraiser at the American Bank on 11th Street. The car wash will take place this Saturday from 1p.m. until 5 p.m. In addition the BSM will sell Papa Johns Pizza at the Walker County Fair starting Friday March 30th. The BSM is also considering hosting a percentage donation night at Papa Johns or El Chico. I am overwhelmed quite frankly. I am amazed, humbled and grateful, said Dr. McGuire. Although he says that he should have expected this response coming from Sam Houston State.McGuire who has taught at Sam Houston for two years said that in addition to the family environment, he likes the size of the institution and the opportunity to teach and do research.McGuire said that he was shocked that so much money was needed up front for his operation.Although the goal for the car wash is $15,000 Brooke is sure that all the expenses will exceed this amount.Its really expensive to be sick, she said. Brooke said that her family has spent $5,300 since January on Chemotherapy that the insurance does not cover.The little things also add up, she said. The McGuire family spent about $600 in parking and toll road costs in a two month period. Parking at the hospital is $9 a day, she said. And some weeks we would have to be there everyday.According to Brooke, her fathers cancer was in remission from June until December 2000 but returned in January.He has the type of cancer that comes back more aggressively each time, she said. That is scary, since this is the second time.Seeing my father sick is the hardest part. But I am a Christian and I draw my strength from the Lord Jesus Christ, Brooke said. Maybe this is a way to draw us closer to him. In order to donate money to Dr. Timothy McGuire or help with fundraisers please call the BSM at 295-2962.

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