Volleyball team ends season with losses to Southwest Texas and UTSA

With the stands a little fuller than usual last Thursday night, there was a buzz of excitement among spectators. And when the action began, the Southwest Texas supporters stood out with their cheers of support coming from the middle section of the coliseum. Three times the Bobcat supporters stood last Thursday with their hands held high in the air giving the Bobcats sign of victory as their volleyball team beat the Lady Bearkats in three games.Coming onto the court, the Bearkats knew they were up for a hard game against the Bobcats and their 18-0 conference record they had at the beginning of the contest. And the Bobcats reiterated that point in the first game.The Bearkats lost the first game of the match 15-7. After watching the Bobcats rack up their points, the Bearkats tried to fight back. But they found out it was too late, and lost to the Bobcats.We have some girls out there busting it to get it done, but there are just some that are just flat, head coach Brenda Gray said. Everybody has to pull their weight.During the second game of the match, the teams were almost even, with the lead switching back and forth. With the game open to either team, the Bearkats started playing tough. For a moment the Bobcats were caught off guard and they went scurrying around the court trying to do anything they could to keep the ball off the floor.Moments later, Southwest Texas was able to regain composure long enough to take the second game, 15-9.Half of the team was too fired up to play or too scared to play, Gray said.The third game began with the Bearkats taking a small lead. But after several on court communication problems, the Bobcats were able to catch up to the Bearkats in an 8-8 tie. With the Bearkats suffering more communication problems the Bobcats took the lead and won the game 15-10.I think [miscommunication] affected a lot of crucial plays, Gray said. Its a team game, and you have to communicate out there.Three players were up for making some crucial plays. On the front line Alma Martinez had 10 kills during the three games. Dana Jefferson and Carrie Sertain were on their toes going for 10 digs a piece.In the final match on Saturday the Bearkats suffered another loss at the University of Texas at San Antonio. The team fell in three straight games 15-6, 15-7 and 15-3. The front line was alive again, but this time with the help of Carrie Sartains 10 kills. Liz Dohlstrom followed Sartain up with 9 kills in the match. Sartain also led the team in digs at UTSA with a total of 12 digs for the match. Kelly Smalley was also a big contributor with 10 digs.Liz Dahlstrom led the team with 294 kills this season. Alma Martinez follows close behind with 270. Dohlstrom also led the team in digs for the year with 272. Close behind in dig totals were both Suzanne Wright with 253, and Sartain with 252 digs on the season. With this years season at its end, Gray said she is looking forward to next season with the youth from this years team taking their experience to the court.Our freshmen are a great class, Gray said. We still have recruiting to do. It will all come together.

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