We beat around the bush…sometimes

When I was little, I used to get scolded for making broad statements-you know using words like “everyone” or “we” or “us” when talking about a certain group of people.

Justin Degrate did just that in Tuesday’s issue of the Viewpoints page when he said that women tease, toy, beat around the bush and mislead men. That wasn’t the part that angered me, it was the, “…I’m here to tell you we don’t.” Well, Mr. Degrate, I’m here to tell you that’s bull!

Okay sometimes we women, tease, toy and beat around the bush when getting to the point. For instance, there was a time when I threw a “you’re hot” note over my shoulder to the cute fraternity guy sitting behind me in my speech communications class last semester, and then there was the time that I got one of my friends in the weight room, to go up to this guy who I thought was really sexy and give him my number. To this day, he still teases me about not going up to him myself.

I guess we beat around the bush because we don’t know how to say, “I think you’re hot,” or “I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better,” without making it seem like we want sex.

I beat around the bush because of fear of rejection. I’ve never been rejected, but I would hate the feeling of no one wanting me. That would suck.

We also beat around the bush, because we don’t know what guys are thinking. Guys say a lot of stupid things, especially without thinking about it first. I know a couple of guys like that, and if I had a nickel for every stupid thing said, I’d be rich.

When I like someone or I could begin to like someone, I get nervous and, believe it or not, I get really shy around guys. I don’t like telling people, especially guys, my feelings so if I beat around the bush, I hope there’s a 50/50 chance that the guy will take the hint that I like him and make the next move.

Women don’t always beat around the bush though. A couple of weeks ago, I got enough nerve to finally go up to a guy and tell him that I thought he was hot. Now in the office, I’m known as the, “girl with the titanium balls.” Oh yeah, did I mention he asked for my number?

Mr. Degrate, how can you say that guys don’t tease and toy or especially mislead? I think guys are typical for misleading women. You all need to walk around with a sandwich board on your backs saying if you want a relationship or if you just want sex.

While some girls play games, guys are equally as guilty.

Talking about the quirks of women and men wasn’t my only objective today. I also wanted to respond to Ms. Short’s Letter to the Editor about Aramark having good service. I’m sorry to tell you Ms. Short, but they really don’t.

My freshman year was the worst at Sam Houston. Not only did I not like the campus, I hated the town we lived in and Belvin cafeteria. The only edible items that actually kept me alive were the dinner rolls and chocolate cake. I also ended up gaining the freshman 15 and in my case, the weight turned into the freshman-50.

I don’t think Ms. Bartkowiak was disrespecting Aramark at all, but letting her voice be heard. I am in SGA, and Aramark is a big issue in Student Life. At a meeting one day, we went through a page-long list of complaints about the poor service.

When I was a freshman, I never had any problems with the sandwich lady. My sandwich was always good, but her attitude could have been much better. You know Ms. Short, all people have bad days, so maybe on the day that Ms. Bartkowiak got her sandwich, the lady was rude. You never know.

One thing in your editorial that caught me off guard though was the fact that you have never felt uncomfortable around the male workers.

I beg to differ. The pizza guys were the worst. When I was required to eat at Belvin (which wasn’t a great thing), I could have fed a whole army with the extra pieces of pizza the guys would give me. I don’t know if that was their tactic in ways of flirting, but they didn’t need to ask for my phone number either.

I also lived in Estill, so that meant I had to walk under the overhang to get to the parking lot. The workers that stood outside taking out the trash or taking in food through the back door would always whistle or holler at us. “Hey baby, damn you fine!” Or it was like, “Girl, you know you want to give me your number.” Mr. Degrate, now who plays mind games?

Many times I had to smile a fake-ass smile, and others I flicked off or told them, “when hell freezes over.” There’s a man who used to work at Belvin, who currently works at a grocery store in Huntsville and to this day he still tries to flirt with me. Guess he didn’t get the hint of my “beating around the bush” tactic of flicking him off. Oh well, guess everyone isn’t able.

Another thing that got my panties in a bunch was the fact that Ms. Short didn’t like the fact that Ms. Bartkowiak complained about the time managament at Belvin.

I agree with you in many ways Ms. Short, that restaurants and stores like to clean up an hour before leaving. But if you are a restaurant, and you say that you’re going to be open till 9 p.m. by golly, you still better be open. Suck it up, and wait on the customer. That IS what you get paid to do.

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