We need to do our part

Last Thursday night I noticed something that had been absent from the basketball games for quite some time: the Sam Houston State Marching Band.

It seems like every time I turn on the television set to watch a big-time college basketball game, half of the arena is full of the band.

I just wanted to thank whomever is responsible for making the SHSU band available for the home games. You have done a great service to the students and basketball teams of this university.

However, I think it would be great if the entire band showed up and really got the Coliseum rocking? I know that it’s impossible to get every band member to show up, especially during the week because we all have different schedules, but it’s just a thought.

I think bringing the band back is going to make SHSU one of the best college basketball atmospheres around.

With that in mind, I also wanted to give props to the Orange Pride for making the many boring game breaks enjoyable.

Sitting on press row gives me a chance to watch all the people that seem to flock to the right side of the Coliseum to see them dance. Every time the Orange Pride performs, they seem to capture the men’s attention, let alone mine.

Now, if we could just figure out a way to fill up the left side of the arena.

The left side is usually occupied with only a few fans that wanted to escape to find some elbowroom. I think that it is ridiculous that we are only filling half the Coliseum.

Many students commute from outside of Huntsville, but stick around sometime and come to a game. Go to the library and study or go to the bar and have some drinks. I was thinking that maybe we could get some of those wiggle sticks and post people behind the opposing teams basket whenever they shoot free throws.

The men’s basketball team is right in the middle of a battle for the conference title and the women’s team is finally coming together, so we as fans need to do our part.

I challenge everyone in the student body to come to a least one game. I promise you will be glad you did.

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