Wendy’s new sandwich worth the buck

Marketers will try any pitch to ensure a sale. Recently, Dave Thomas has been seen on TV trying to tame bees that make the honey for the honey-cured ham found in Wendys Honey Ham and Chicken Sandwich, the latest edition to its chicken sandwich line. Laughing hysterically at this feeble marketing attempt, I branded myself a sucker and desired to taste this fascinating fare.The blueprint of the burger goes something like this: a plump, juicy white chicken breast fillet is topped with two sweet, succulent honey-cured slices of ham, lettuce, tomatoes and a creamy Dijon sauce. This delicate blend of meat and veggies is balanced on a toasted Kaiser roll. Buyer beware: at $4.69, this ranks as the highest priced old fashioned combo on the Wendys menu. Although if Dave recommends it, Ill give it a try.The star of the show is, without a doubt, the ham. Ham is not a typical meat at a fast-food establishment, so sinking my teeth into some pork was a nice change of pace. The portions were the equivalent of the thin, Carl-Budding brand slices you can buy on sale in the supermarket, but the honey taste made up for the lack of breadth. The 99-gram breaded chicken fillet was, in contrast, of a substantial thickness. Upon reading the ingredients of the patty, I learned that just because the breast is labeled as a whole chicken breast fillet it does not necessarily contain whole chicken breast meat. Instead, the patty is a combination of white breast meat mixed with rib meat. Hey, I didnt order a McRib! To my surprise, the fillet only contains 160 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. This could constitute a healthy meal by weight watchers standards, but only if one passes on the fries. A 5.6 ounce container of biggie fries chokes the insides with 470 calories and 23 grams of fat.Heres something else to ponder. The same container of fries also contains 15% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Since oranges are promoted as the Vitamin C powerhouse, I never stopped to think that potatoes would carry the same nutrient. The sandwich was served to me piping hot and the boxing match between the tangy and sweet flavors of the Dijon sauce provided a prominent distinguisher for this burger. The veggies were fresh, the roll was soft and my hunger was satisfied. Mission accomplished.I found myself licking my lips after eating this sandwich, a definite sign of its pleasability factor. Try one for yourselfthe burger is available for a limited time only until March 23.

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