What would you say to console Al Gore?

Dear Al Gore How are you? I am sorry that this whole election mess ended the way it did. I always thought whoever got the most votes won. Perhaps if your party had a unexhaustable amount of money to throw around you would be sitting in the White House for another four years. But I have noticed that since the media in our country is run primarily by Republicans, it is hard to appeal to the masses through the biased eyes and hearts of the media we all are subjected to. No matter how bad a Republican President is, they will be defended by the huge piles of money they usually represent. What is worse, smoking weed, or snorting cocaine? Getting a DWI or getting a blowjob? All these things are part of the past we use to judge the character of the leader of our country.Is it also possible that the people of the country forgot to take into consideration that the governor of Texas is one of the least powerful positions any of all the state governors can have. Our country prevents big companies from forming monopolies of companies, but as of yet no such action has been taken to prevent political monopolies from being formed. Perhaps the views of the Green Party will someday be felt if given the equal rights that the other two parties have, such as attending presidential debates. Please do not be too upset about being laid off for awhile. Write a book or travel. I have faith you’ll be back in four years.

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