Winter Fashions

Boots, hats, scarves, denim, cashmere, wool. Fashion is a major focal point in students’ lives. An outfit can say a lot about one’s personal sense of style, as well as give insight into their personality. As we enter the illustrious winter season, the consensus among college students is that winter is the best season to dress. With the help of fellow SHSU student Jessica Choi, we take a look at what’s hot for both sexes. For the ladies, rich simple tones are key. Camels, burnt mahoganies and rich ivories adorn the bodies of not only celebrities, but also the average college student.This season’s essentials cover head and toe. Whether furry rabbit or hairy mohair, beanies, buckets, Fedoras and Kangols offer a variety of styles to top off any outfit for night and day. Along with hats are the must-have boots. From Payless, Bakers, Nine West and Gucci, the narrow-pointed toe of the 60s is revived along with the thin stiletto heel. Contrary to popular belief, backpacks are no longer a necessity among students. You can choose from casual sling-backs and leather satchels to tote your 100 pounds of books or to just look cute. Grabbing a coat is no longer as easy as it used to be. Short, fitted leather or long, oversized sweater jacket? Denim with faux fur trim or subtle suede? Whatever your mood or vibe, there’s an endless array of choices. From urban cowboy to contemporary business, basic black, soft creams and deep reds can dress any man to a T. No matter the color, a flattering turtleneck can emphasize a great physique and also create a slimming effect for the heavier set guy. The denim jacket-jean set should also be included in a guy’s attire. He can choose from Phat Farm, Fubu, Akademiks, and Roc-A-Wear. It says sharp and fly, as well as cool and casual. If he’s wearing corduroy, denim, wool or slacks, his feet are covered. Bob Marley, Lugz, Ecko and Buffalinos will have him stepping in style. A variety of boots and dress shoes can take him from campus to office, and to after hours socials. An outfit that both sexes can enjoy is the velour suit. Velour is revived as the new lounging material. Choose from JLo, Tommy, Vokal and Sean John. Complete the look with your favorite Burberry hat and Air Force Ones, Adidas or Pumas.This winter will showcase everything from denim, cashmere, wool, leather, faux fur, plaid and velour. It doesn’t matter if you’re a designer label junkie or hit the clearance racks. As long as you’re warm, comfortable and true to the individual you are, wear whatever you want. Set your own trends with your own style. Remember, fashion isn’t what you wear; it’s how you wear it.

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