Women’s gift guide

The holiday season is here again and there are several gifts that special woman is wishing for. Of course the usual gift of perfume, flowers or clothes would suffice, but there are also unique gifts out there in stores or even online. The Gift Idea Center located online suggests that the key to a great gift for women is to listen to hints that they drop often. They also suggest that it is OK to get her gifts that she needs, but a special heart warming gift will be dear to her heart throughout the year. The Gift Idea Center suggested a gift basket titled “My Favorite Things.” Included in this gift basket is favorite perfumes, a recording of her favorite song and a favorite candy bar. The giver of this gift could also include anything of special importance to the receiver. The magazine Cosmopolitan gave a list titled “Girlie Goods,” which gives great gift ideas for women that their beauty and fashion teams sorted out, to pamper and beautify. This list included: A Clinique Happy Candle for $25, a Mac Lip Palette for $30, Soular Therapy Wish Candle 4-pack for $30 and Jovan Individuality Oil Essence Collection for $10. Electronic devices listed online at http://www.ecollege.com included MP3 players, digital cameras and lists of newly released CDs. The list goes on, but for college students the money ends sometime. An efficient way to win the heart of any woman would be to put special thought into the gift. Remember, the key to any gift is “It’s the thought that counts.”

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