Christmas or classes?

The holidays are not stress free for those SHSU students who choose to take advantage and enroll in miniature semesters, better known as mini-sessions.Mini-sessions, which are two to four week courses, are not offered at SHSU during the holidays, causing many students to attend nearby colleges.Houston Community College, which is the choice for a majority of Sam Houston students, offers holiday mini-terms.Classes last from Dec. 19 until Jan. 12. This time allows a student to receive full credit for a class in only four weeks.”We usually offer the most basic classes that students need,” said Katherine Sayles from HCC information office.”We don’t offer any science or computer classes because there is too much information to go over in such a short period of time,” she said.According to Sayles, the biggest advantage is students get a chance to advance or retake classes without interrupting their regular semester. “These classes can help you reach your goal if you fall a little behind or want to speed up,” Sayles said.HCC offers a typical three hour course for $107 if you live in-district or $179 if you live out of district.You can receive in-district prices if you live in Houston Independent School District, Stafford School District or Missouri City.Alvin Community College also offers a holiday mini-session lasting from Dec. 19 until Jan. 3. Tuition in-district is $177 and out-of district is $219 per course.Susanne Wilson, from Alvin’s counseling center, said students enjoy being able to utilize their break. She said all 10 classes are usually full and that instructors always show up to teach.Surprisingly, some SHSU students do not wish to join the ranks of schools with mini-sessions.”I believe mini-sessions would be boring,” said Adisa Holder. She said she would rather go to another school to take classes to get out of Huntsville for the break.Freshman Miranda Jones said she does not like the idea of mini-sessions during the holidays. “I am glad that we do not offer these sessions because the holidays are a time to be with your family…even professors want some time off.”She also said she does not believe a lot of people would register for those classes.”Summer school is enough time to catch up on everything if you are behind,” she said.Mike Johnson, who attends Steven F. Austin, said mini-sessions are not something SHSU should jump to offer.”We have them at SFA during the holidays and students say that they are boring and they don’t feel motivated to be in class due to all the festivities.”On the other hand, seniors and students wanting to advance would like to take advantage of the three week break.”I often have to stay in Huntsville to work during the holiday,” said Senior Shereka Boykin. “It would be great if I could take a class or two during the break just to ensure my graduation date.”Roshunda Brown, a student at Prairie View A&M, said she also wishes Sam Houston offered mini-sessions. “When I attended Sam I sometimes did not go home for the holiday and wanted to use my break to advance.” She also said students whose home is in Huntsville might appreciate coming back to a college that offers a mini-session.Although SHSU does not offer these course during the holiday, a mini-session is held between the spring and first summer session.

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