Kershaw Black Out knife review

The Kershaw Black Out, now this is a fun knife to carry. The name is Appropriate for the fact that it has a black, coated blade to protect it From marks and scratches as well as the handle being black reinforced Polyamide. Lightweight and compact are simply a few of the great Characteristics this knife has to offer.The Kershaw Black Out folder is made in the USA and designed by Ken Onion. It measures 4 3/8 inches when closed and 7 1/4 inches when opened. It comes With plenty of blade to get anything done that you need to. The blade is Made of 440A stainless steel and has held a point after attempts of being thrown into an oak from 20 feet, an attempt of cutting through 1/4 inch metal cord, and of course the usual rope, a computer disk, and some old jeans. The blade may be purchased serrated or non-serrated. The handle as mentioned earlier is made of reinforced polymide; this was the only element of the knife that seemed to be affected after all the rigorous fun that I had testing the knifes durability. However, I must mention that the Black Out I carry is the base model that does not even compare to the higher end model of the same knife. The higher quality knife is equipped with a titanium handle that could endure anything imaginable. Now, for the greatest feature that this knife has to offer, the new “speed safe” design. The “Speed Safe” allows for the fastest blade employment available without purchasing a switchblade. It feels as though the blade is spring loaded and ready to jump out and attack anything in its path. You open it halfway and the knife does the rest of the work for you. Also coming with an ambidextrous stud opener, reversible belt-clip, and stainless steel blade liners for rugged longevity this knife is great for all types of those in need of a quality, folding knife.For a great knife at a greater price consider the Kershaw Black Out featuring the new “Speed Safe” design making it the semi-automatic of knives!

Joshua Olson

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