The Solid Chunk of Sharpened Steel

I have never used such a knife of this kind. This Buck is quite unique in its shape and stability. After much rigorous use, I noticed some interesting things about this knife. I appreciate the one-piece solid blade. The handle is very graspable and fits the hand firmly and nicely. The grooved hand guards on this knife add protection and allow you to use greater force of the knife. The blade has three distinct uses. There is the bottom blade, which is made for all uses of cutting; the serrated blade towards the back is great for cutting harder material; and the top blade is great to use in conjunction with the bottom blade when cleaning or skinning an animal. I prefer this blade also because it is a straight blade, not a curved on. This blade gives a more even and uniform cut. The point on this blade really retains it sharpness after much use. I had yet to find a knife with these qualities, but this Buck truly will stand any test. And after a hard use, it is also very easy to clean. I strongly recommend this knife to anyone who needs a solid reliable knife. It retails for around $130, which is a little on the high end, but it is worth the expense. The all stainless steel blade will keep a good edge, and will not dull so quickly. If you have been looking for a knife that will keep up with you, then you should definitely consider this one.

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