What A Knife

As a hunter there are many different products to choose from when selecting > field equipment. The challenge I was faced with this year was finding a > good knife that would serve as a good skinning knife as well as a simple > cutting tool. There are many knifes’ on the market these days, many > serving different purposes. The knife I tested is the “Master Hunter” part > of the “Hunter” series produced by cold steel a name that has been around > for over twenty years. I used this knife on several small cutting jobs, > ranging from skinning a hog to cutting rope. I found that the “Master > Hunter” to have a comfortable and solid grip but there was noticeable > slippage when wet. The blade is roughly a quarter inch thick and becomes > smaller at the end but was able to with stand much abuse. The length of the > blade measures 4 * ” long and the whole knife is 9 *” from the butt of the > handle to the tip of the blade. It has a lanyard hole so a small rope or > string may be inserted and used an extra safety when handling. I found and > others will agree that this particular knife has an extremely sharp edge and > is able to hold the edge while being put to the test. When compared to > other knifes I have used, this knife stayed sharper longer but as in any > long term cutting the edge will tend to dull intern affecting its > performance. One trade off for the knife’s sharpness is the element it is > made of. The material the “Master Hunter” is made of is carbon steel, which > must be well oiled often but this is a small price to pay for the edges > sharpness. The price tag may vary on this product but the “Master Hunter” is > a good investment for the money. When looking for a good knife that is far > from fancy but does take all the abuse one can dish out, the “Master Hunter” > is a good choice weather it is skinning an animal or just doing simple > cutting.

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