50-inning softball game scheduled for Saturday

SHSU students, fans and members of the community will get a chance to take the field with the SHSU softball team this Saturday as it host its annual 50-Inning Game.Participants can sponsor any player for $12, and will receive a free SHSU softball 50-Inning Game T-shirt. Last year there was so many people that we probably played 100 innings, head coach John Garris said. Its been a big success in the past in that it allows our team to interact with the community, and it allows the people in our community to see our sport up-close by playing alongside of our players.The event is open to anyone who is interested in trying his or her hand out at fast pitch softball. Last year was a lot of fun, said senior softball player Teri Thomas. There were a lot of people out there seeing if they could hit a fast pitch softball. Its a challenge and not everyone can do it; its not your daddys slow pitch, Thomas added. Im looking forward to seeing people come out and give it a try.The fans come out to our ballpark and get to see our players and interact with them in a more formal type of environment; its also a chance for some of our fans to get to know each other, Garris said.The game starts at 9 a.m. at the SHSU softball complex and will continue until all 50 innings are completed.

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