Comedian to appear on campus Monday

Several campus groups will sponsor comedian Bernie McGrenahan on Monday, March 5, at 7 p.m. in the Smith-Hutson Auditorium. The program Beware of the Binge is free to students and is being brought to campus by Student Activities, Program Council, Panhellenic Council, Residence Life and Omega Delta Phi. Program Coordinator Amber Van Roekel said the program serves several purposes for students.It can be educational while entertaining; students might get a dose of education on Monday night, but mostly they are going to be entertained, she said.Program Council saw McGrenahan at a National Association for Campus Activities conference in October in Houston. Van Roekel said he is about the same age as most college students and relates to them by using personal experiences in his routines.Van Roekel said because he does stand-up comedy as a career, he only visits about 30 colleges a year. He has been a professional comedian for 11 years.If you think about how many that is, were pretty lucky to get him, she said.McGrenahan uses information about the university to cater his routine to the students, she said. Students were asked various questions about Sam Houston State, which were sent to McGrenahan to incorporate in his program. Several other universities have commented in letters that McGrenahan puts on a phenomenal program and personalizes the show. Cazenovia Colleges staff in New York wrote that Bernie McGrenahans program is one of the best programs we have ever had…We would recommend Bernie to every college or university in the United States. Salisbury State University in Maryland told McGrenahan he made the audience feel like he was simply talking to a close group of friends.We are really, really excited about having him, and everybody should come, Van Roekel said.

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