Homestead desserts offer a new level of pleasureable decadence

John Eschenfelder is a wise man, he knows that a dessert can make or break a meal, thankfully his desserts are so good, you might want to eat them as a meal.When dealing with desserts there are certain words that should be used with great discretion. Terms like sinful, decadent and heavenly.Well, the homesteads desserts are most certainly worthy enough to have those compliments bestowed upon them.Ive learned that any day is better when it ends with a dessert, so this past Tuesday my sweet toothed writers and myself took it upon ourselves to taste four of the current crop of desserts that the Homestead is offering.I have always believed that presentation of food is almost as important as the food itself, the desserts were not only lavish to the eye, but also stimulating to the appetite.Contentment, that is how I would describe these decadent creations. The chocolate banana cream pie was a delicately blended mousse nestled in a chocolate cookie crust. It was beautifully prepared with a snow-white mound of whipped cream atop, accented with freshly cut bananas and strawberries. One tester described it as simply amazing. After trying a bite of it, I have to agree it was extremely good dessert. Next up was a seven-layer chocolate and amaretto torte, which was rich and light with a certain airiness to it. While we all agreed that it was a very good, compared to the next two desserts, there was simply no contest. The legendary chocolate patte was served with thinly sliced kiwi was sinfully rich, but worth every calorie. This is one of those desserts that is so rich and delicious that only the true chocolate lovers can really appreciate it. Now we come to the dessert that I can only describe as simply the best dessert I have ever eaten fresh raspberries in pastry with caramel. This simple name cannot begin to describe the magnitude of this dessert. Delicate, fluted pastries filled with a sweet cream sitting upon a lake of pure sweet caramel and then surround by fresh raspberries. It melted on my taste buds with a grand richness, but somehow remained both light and refreshing. As we enjoyed all these delectable items the always attentive staff kept our thirsts quenched with some of finest cappuccino this side of the Europe.In addition to all this, Chef Eschenfelder added a Sunday brunch that is offered on the first Sunday of every month from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. This coming Sunday will be the first brunch that is available. If his other efforts are of any indication of how brunch will be, then this will be a meal that you should not miss.

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