Vince McMahon, owner of the WWF (World Wrestling Federation,) created a new football league. This football league called the XFL, is one of the worst things I’ve ever been subjected to watching.I love football, it’s one of my favorite sports to watch so naturally I was interested when I learned that a new football league would soon be in play. It didn’t even bother me that half of the league’s advertisements were for its new scantily clad cheerleaders.The sad thing is that after watching the XFL I realized why the cheerleaders were so heavily advertised–they were the only talented ones out on the field.The XFL basically makes a mockery out of the sport. Its only fans I’m sure are the same trash that love the WWF.There are players out on the field by the names of He Hate Me, He Hate Me Too (Who hates you?) and Love Machine. I don’t understand. Why would anyone let themselves be called He Hate Me?These names just further my opinion that the XFL is trash. It shouldn’t even be called a football league.There was one highlight to the XFL–Brian Bosworth commentating. I love Brian Bosworth. As a small child I used to watch him play OU football. He was one of the players who was around in the mid-80’s that led the Sooners to national dominance. Now that was football. The XFL is not.

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