Most deserved month for the most deserved people

Why is there a Black History Month and not a White History Month? One of my Caucasian grade school classmates would always manage to ask me this while we walked in line to the Black History Month assembly. I never seemed to have an answer to that question and I always let it invade my mind throughout the day. Because I am an open-minded person who believes in equality for everyone, I felt that it was a perfectly legitimate question. I was only bothered that I didnt know the answer. Until recently I couldnt figure out why Black History Month is arguably the most celebrated history month. When I would talk to my black friends and ask them the same question, they simply would reply, What do they need a month for? They have the whole year? Although that answer would definitely produce a few giggles among the group, it never gave me a concrete reason I was satisfied with.Time and experience has placed the unwavering answer in my mind. The overcoming of trials and oppression warrants celebration and recognition. Today, African-Americans are one of the most celebrated groups of people in America. Not only for raised education and economic levels, but for our roles in the shaping of this country. We are also the people who had to endure some of the most trying times in America. That struggle is what justifies a month to celebrate our culture.For those students who are unexposed to American history, black people had to endure the infamous era of slavery, the practice of owning another person for the use of labor ( the type of labor that we now use animals and machinery for). This is why we have a month. After gaining our freedom we were subjected to Jim Crow laws, grandfather clauses and KKK night rides. We were denied our right to enter a building through the front door, sit in the front of a bus, send our children to a schcool of our choice and vote. This is why we have a month.When asked why there is no White History Month, one must pose the question: What struggles have the white race been through in order to desire a special time to celebrate overcomings and achievements? This is not a rhetorical question. I am sincerely posing this question in order that it may be answered. Personally I do not see any reason for a white history month.The white race has always been on top in America. In fact, ask yourself, what race were most of the oppressors? Hmmm. Please do not take this as an opportunity to call me a racist or to put words in my mouth by saying that I dont think white people have ever done anything good for this society. I am simply saying that the majority of large celebratory periods have a reason that they are celebrated. Usually it stems from the conquering of some type of oppression. To give further examples of my point, there are other history months for certain groups that are warranted by a past oppression. Native American History month is justified by the tragic Trail of Tears in which several Native Americans were forced off their own land. The Womens Suffrage Movement, in which women fought for the right to vote and the constant sexism women face on a daily basis, women proudly clebrate Womens History Month. Yet, there is no greater known, commercialized or celebrated month than that of February. Black History Month. The most oppressed rise the highest.

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