Chi Omega Girls Holding Strong

I was very upset to read the article written about the former Chi Omega sorority still acting as if they are an organization on the SHSU campus.

I cannot believe that these people continue with their lives, the way that they do, after hurting me so badly. My life will never be the same, yet they go on even against the Chi Omega National rules. It just shows that they don’t care what the rules are- whether it’s the rules of society, Sam Houston’s campus, or what their National Headquarter’s dictates.

I hope that none of them are allowed to continue officially as Chi Omega members, anywhere in this country (as alum members, or actives) because they don’t care what the rules are with being a member of that organization, either.

I believe that this is a violation of the university’s policies and that a full investigation, as to their continued activities, be conducted. Any Nationally recognized fraternity including this “underground sorority” in their mixers/ date parties are also violating school policies and their organizations’ rules.

It is a sad situation, but not totally unexpected, given the vile nature of what they did to me (and their extremely sick initiation ritual).

I think that every student and faculty member at Sam Houston State University needs to read my website to fully understand what this former Chi Omega chapter is guilty of doing.

Thank you,Kristin

I’m not hiding from anyone anymore.

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