Common Sense about Parking

I’d just like to make a few comments about the so-called parking shortage at Sam this year. To begin, I do not believe that there is a shortage. The stats that i have seen are over 6000 parking spots with 8000 or so stickers issued. This is a good percentage. Banks for instance routinely lend out money at a ratio of 2, 3, or even 4 to one. Second, if there is a problem, then there are only two solutions. The first is to drastically raise the cost of the parking sticker to either discourage people from parking or to finance the cost of new parking lots/garages. With all the griping about the small raise this year, certainly a raise large enough to accomplish either would not go down well with students. THe only other solution is to limit the amount of parking stickers issued to exactly the amount of parking spots avaiable or perhaps even lower than that. This would insure everyone that had a sticker would have a place to park. However, this one would also not be very popular because obviously some people would be left out. And that would be “unfair.” Therefore, the only option left is for the college student to be responsible and arrive ahead of time to insure that he/she will find a place to park. Aren’t we supposed to be responsible adults here?

Scott LackeySenior, History Major

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