MTV brings new Busta Rhymes CD to campus

After bringing “Real World” cast members Julie and Syrus to SHSU earlier this semester, MTV will once again be on campus to entertain Bearkats. According to Tiffany Nichols, president of Program Council, MTV will be in the Lee Drain mall area today to preview new music to interested students.”MTV will be here to conduct what is called ‘First Listen,'” Nichols said. “It is basically an opportunity for students to hear music off of new CDs that have not yet been released to the public.”Nichols said this is not the first time MTV has brought “First Listen” to SHSU.”We’ve actually done this in the past, and it was really successful,” she said. “Last semester they were here, and students got a preview of Destiny’s Child’s hit CD ‘Survivor’ before it was in the stores.”According to Nichols, this year’s featured CD will be the much-anticipated “Genesis” by rap artist Busta Rhymes. The album, which features songs titled “Everybody Rides Again” and “As I Come Back,” will not be on sale until Nov. 13.”MTV will be out in the LDB mall area from 11 a.m. until around 1 p.m. playing the CD and also giving out all kinds of promotional things to students,” Nichols said. According to Nichols, students at the event will also have an opportunity to sign up to get the album as soon as it is released.”The first 200 students in the mall area will have the chance to sign up to get the CD,” she said. “MTV will then send the 200 CDs to us, and students can pick them up here rather than having to go to the music store.”Nichols said that although the Busta Rhymes album is the main focus of the event, other music may also be played.”Last semester they played different things and gave away a lot of stuff including CDs by artists like Jennifer Lopez and others,” Nichols said. “You never know with MTV, it just depends on what they bring.”According to Nichols, “First Listen” will be held in conjunction with other homecoming events taking place in the mall area.”At the same time as all of this is going on, we will also be having an event called ‘Build Your Own Float,'” Nichols said. “There will be people on hand with all kinds of ice cream and good stuff letting students make their own ice cream floats while listening to the music. It should be a lot of fun.”Nichols added that MTV seeks out SHSU and universities like it, as a way of getting youthful opinions on new music.”MTV contacted us about doing this. They contact schools in all different regions of the country to get opinions on what students like to hear,” Nichols said. “Students should definitely take advantage of this unique opportunity to hear some new music and let people know what they think.”

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