Sam is a wonderful learning experience

I was told at my orientation in the summer of 1998 that 90 percent of what you learn in college will be outside of the classroom. Truer words were never spoken. The experiences I have gained, friendships I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned at Sam Houston State University are etched in my mind.

July 8, 1998, signified the beginning of my life at SHSU, and Dec. 8, 2001, will be the end. My 42 months spent on this campus have seen my transition from a freshman to a senior, but more importantly from a 16-year-old child to a 20-year-old woman. Growth is such an understatement for the phase of my life that will be complete on Saturday.

I have never regretted one day I spent studying in Huntsville. When I think of Sunday mornings at church, my surprise parties, one of my best friend’s weddings, my first love, male-bashing sessions with my girls, pulling all-nighters, projects, reports and stories for the “Houstonian,” the combination of joy and sadness is indescribable.

Although I have made both smart and foolish moves while in college, all of them have aided in shaping the person I am and will become.

This person will appreciate the classroom lessons that earned the degree, but will cling forever to the out-of-class experiences. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ, my beautiful family and steadfast friends. God has blessed me with too many loved ones to name names. I would undoubtedbly leave someone out. But those of you I love, already know it.

So to the faculty, staff, student body and beautiful institution as a whole, I say thank you, God bless you and goodbye.

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