Women and minorities are treated much differently in this country

The person who responded to my article got all my words wrong and missed my point. This is by no intent to keep this thing going about discrimination but to address the fact that it cannot be ignored.

First of all, I didn’t say that women were not allowed in the armed forces.

Women, as well blacks, are welcomed to join, that point is understood. What I was trying to bring to light is the fact that both women and blacks fight for a country that still treats them different. A difference that they can not change. You can say you receive it, but you can change the hair on your face and on your head, blacks cannot change their skin color nor women their sex. So your discrimination and what we face is totally different, and you cannot compare the two. Where you are treated different for something you cannot change goes much deeper than that. To correct you again where you did not understand what I was saying, minorities have just as much right to be here in this country as any one of us, but people here in this country act as if we minorities owe them something for letting us be here. We owe them nothing. We should not have to be told, well if you don’t like it then go back to Africa, a place many of us have never been to. I brought up the point that this country is concerned about the rights of women in another country, but when blacks were in slavery, no one thought anything of it.

Sir, I just wanted to let you know you took my words out of context. Yes, I know that discrimination will always be around but it still cannot be ignored.

Slavery was not even my point. I can argue about what I didn’t receive, but I have been treated differenlyt because I am black and because I am a woman. You are right, blacks are no longer in slavery because other things are used to keep them down and not moving forward. (treating them differently when they vote, punishing them differently in the justice system, etc.) No one is asking for extra treatment but to be treated fairly. Being a women and being black are things I cannot change.

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