SHSU’s Channel 7 offers quality programming

I don’t watch a lot of television. Not only is my schedule far from conducive to doing so, but there’s simply not a whole lot to watch. The only things I pay any regular attention to are “The Simpsons” and “The X-Files.” And, of course, “Twin Peaks,” but it hasn’t been on the air in 10 years, and I only watch it on video.Lately, however, I’ve found myself doing something uncharacteristic: actually taking time to watch TV. Even more bizarre, I spend that time watching Cable Channel 7. I sit down with a RC Cola and watch what other students have to offer. Why? Because for the most part, Cable Channel 7 isn’t that bad. At least not this semester.I really don’t want to spend the next 10 minutes going on about how certain shows are better than others. But I will anyway, just so anyone who wastes their time reading this will have at least some idea of what’s worth watching and what’s not. At least in my opinion, that is.”The X Boyfriend” stands out as one of the more professional shows this semester. It’s well written; the camerawork and editing are commendable; and the acting is above average for a Cable Channel 7 show. “Straight Talk With Matthew Smith” is also worth your time if you don’t mind exercising a degree of cerebration, and you like hearing what professors have to say about politics. I do, personally, so I enjoy it. “Paranoia” is just freakin’ weird and “Superstition” is kinda nifty in its own way.There are, of course, some shows that probably won’t appeal to anyone, but I won’t mention any names, and you’ve got to expect a certain percentage of bad programming on any channel. Just know that there’s stuff on TV this semester that, while not the greatest things ever projected by the cyclopean god of America, are a lot more entertaining than the consumerist pap on every other channel.

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