Student destinations vary

You are relaxing on the beach; you hear people hollering from the balconies of nearby hotels; music is blaring, you have a refreshing beverage in one hand and a bottle of Coppertone in the other. Where are you? Spring Break.Spring break is one week out of the year when college students travel with their peers into an adventure full of memories. In a non-random survey of 75 students, most students surveyed said they are going to journey to South Padre Island. Students said they feel South Padre is a popular place because it is within driving distance (an estimated eight hours), affordable and Mexico, a haven for underage drinkers, is 40 miles from the island.Some students dont care for the sand, but the snow. Students will be skiing at various places from Ruidoso, N. M. to Winter Park, Colo. One student said he is going through a company that offers great skiing rates for students. There are some students who chose destinations such as Florida, California or camping along the Guadalupe River. Others decided to take advantage of this time to stay home and work for extra money.Whatever your plans may be, remember to relax from schoolwork, have fun and be safe because as soon as we return, finals are just around the corner.

Non-random survey results of the 75 students:

* South Padre Island- 25* Staying home and working- 20* Skiing- 11* Florida- 7* California- 6* Camping- 6

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