Rally to be held Monday night

Black, white, overweight, thin, straight, gay, Christian, MuslimAmerica is a diverse nation. With this wide range of diversity comes discrimination and because of this, Sam Houston will hold an anti-discrimination rally Monday night at Colony Park.”This started as an idea for a panel discussion,” said Chestin Auzenne, creator of the rally idea. “To get more people involved we decided to have a rally.”The idea originated in Auzenne’s multi-cultural literature class. After discussing it with faculty and students, Auzenne decided to hold a rally.”People tend to brush the issue of discrimination under the rug,” she said. “I think that awareness is important. Anything that plagues society needs to be brought to the surface.”Featured speakers will talk about a variety of topics. Dr. Bernadette Pruitt of the history department will begin the rally with a speech about the need for unity. Michael Roy will talk from a black male perspective and Steve Bayless will speak on hate crimes and homosexuality. Natalie Rhymes will discuss size discrimination and Deidra Geters and Constance Jones will talk about the problems they face as biracial Americans. Other topics include “North vs. South,” “Division by Speech,” and Abd’ Allah Muhhamad-Bey will speak about discrimination against Muslims.Stephen Sargent and Auzenne will sing John Lennon’s “Imagine” and there will be a dramatic reading and other songs throughout the night.”This is important,” Auzenne said. “Issues that are hidden will never get the chance to be resolved.”The rally will begin at 6 p.m. in Colony Park and after the rally there will be a candle light march to the Old Main Pit.”People tend to believe that only a certain group of people face discrimination,” Auzenne said. “The purpose of the rally is to point out that discrimination has no face.”

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