Midnight Mayhem tomorrow night

The Department of Recreational Sports will hold its annual Midnight Mayhem event this Wednesday at the Health Kinesiology Center.The event is being co-sponsored by Program Council as part of its Spring Fling week, and will begin at 7 p.m. and continue until midnight.Assistant Director of Club Sports and Special Events Amy Swingle said the event has been going on in one form or another for the past 10 years.”It’s kind of been an evolution,” she said. “It started out as an ‘All-Nighter.'”This is the second year Midnight Mayhem has been combined with Spring Fling. The two events were originally separate before Recreational Sports and Program Council decided to unite them since they always took place around the same time.”From Rec Sports’ viewpoint, we’ll continue to do this as long as it is advantageous to both groups,” Swingle said.Swingle said she expects a good turnout for the event, since last year organizers counted about 300 students signed up for the events, and about 400 to 500 in total that evening.The events will include a pitching game called Speed Throw and a game called Bungee Run where students run against each other in inflated alleyways with bungee cords strapped to them to see who can get the farthest. Coca-Cola, who is also providing free drinks for Midnight Madness, is donating both events, which will be held all night.Other events will include 4 Square, which Swingle said has become a very popular game, Dominos and Spades Tournaments, One-on-One Basketball, a Twister Tournament and a golf-putting contest.At the end of the evening, 10 names will be drawn from all the students who signed up for the $500 Basketball Shoot-Off. The students will get one shot from half-court to make a basket. The first student to make the shot wins $500.The event originally offered $5,000 for the winner, with the money being insured and the insurance provider using a lot of restrictions, such as not letting certain basketball players participate in the event. The price of insuring the event rose from $300 to $500 without any softening of the restrictions. As a result, Swingle decided to lower the award so there would be no restrictions and anyone could participate.The event started three years ago, and according to Swingle, is very popular.”It’s been a good draw for people,” she said.A caricaturist will be on hand, and students will also get to participate in the Make Your own Video event, where they will get to sing songs and keep a recording of the experience.Midnight Mayhem events are free and all SHSU students are invited to attend. Apart from the contests, Barnes and Noble’s University Bookstore will be giving away a semester if free textbooks to two students, along with a few other prizes.Swingle suggests students arrive early, since many of the events require students sign up prior to participating.Swingle also said Midnight Mayhem is a free event because it is funded by Student Service Fees and the goal is not to make money.”It’s an event we give them, because they already paid for it.”Junior Kesha Joubert is the student committee member in charge of publicity for Midnight Mayhem. She described the Make Your Own Video event as a real fun experience.”It’s like karaoke, and you get to take the video home,” she said. “You wear costumes. It’s a lot of fun.”Senior Jaye Nayreau said he is looking forward to the golf-putting event, and his favorite event is One-on-One Basketball, since he won it last year.”It gives you a chance to showcase your skills,” he said.Sophomore Shenna Oriabure said her favorite events are the Spades and Dominos Tournaments since she likes to see people get into the games. She said she is also looking forward to the half-court shot.”I want to see if someone can make the shot from half-court because I think nobody ever has,” she said.Sophomore Dwayne “Jamaica” Miller wants to participate in the golf-putting contest, and his favorite event is Make Your own Video.”I like making the videos,” he said. “You get to act stupid for free with friends.”Vice President of Public Relations for the Program Council Rachel Young, said Spring Fling has been going on for “a very long time.”Young said Spring Fling and Midnight Mayhem were combined so Program Council and Recreational Sports could combine funds to make the events better.”That way we’d have more money to work with,” she said.Members of the Student Committee for Special Events will be in charge of running Midnight Mayhem along with several members of Program Council.”I could not do this without the students,” said Swingle. “They really make it happen.”

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