Passover is not related to Easter

The Houstonian has made an error yet again to miss the importance of a certain holiday. It seems to me that Passover is just thrown into a story about the “Origins and Traditions of Easter.” It does the holiday an injustice. Passover has no relation to Easter besides it being the “last meal,” which wasn’t even mentioned. If the Houstonian wanted to do something about Passover and talk about some of the aspects of the holiday, it would of probably have been best to turn it into a seperate story. This would have been much better than the failed attempt that put it in the Easter article. Passover holds a lot of significane for the Jewish people. Every year at seders around the world, the participants retell the story of the Jewish hardships in Eygpt under the rule of Pharoah. This is due to the fact had God not sent Moses to save the Israelites, we (the Jewish people of today) could all still be slaves of Pharoah in Eygpt. Every seder is very unique in every household with a wide range of traditions done from family to family.There is a lot more information on the subject of Passover. If anyone would like more information, I highly reccomend going to Judaism 101 at and scroll down to “holidays.”

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