SGA offers free money

Free money from Student Government Association. In an effort to assist un-funded student organizations at SHSU, SGA is offering up to $700 for groups holding functions on campus.The process begins by an organization completing the Un-funded Organization application available in the SGA office, which is across from the Lee Drain Building. Once the Senate Finance Committee approves the application, it will then become an issue for the full Senate to discuss at their regular meeting. In order to qualify for the grants, student organizations must meet a few criteria. First, the Office of Student Activities must recognize them as being an organization. Second, the university cannot fund the organization in any way. Third, the function must be held on campus and open to all students. Fourth, the applicants must provide the SGA Finance Committee with quotes from three separate vendors. And finally, no funds may be used for travel, food or alcohol.Many organizations have already taken advantage of the financial assistance. Golden Key is planning a memorial for SHSU students who have passed away while attending the university, which is being partially paid for by the UFO money. The NAACP has acquired UFO money to help finance a parity of the “Wizard of Oz.” Omega Psi Phi organized a charity basketball even in November to assist in feeding needy families in Huntsville, which was also partially funded by UFO money. And the International Hispanic Association is using the money to assist in the production of a conference later this month.Senator Mike Kaatz, a member of the Finance Committee, encourages people to apply. “It’s free money for organizations to do something for the university as well as promote themselves,” he said. SGA has three meeting remaining this semester and has plenty of money to give away. If you have any questions please contact the SGA Office at 294-1938 between the hours on 9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. SGA meeting are held on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. in Room 105 in the Evans Complex.

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