The “Bookstore Bandit”

Dear Esteemed Editor:

This is in response to your “Busted” article. Now we’ve all heard this parable before. A man’s wife is dying and she needs a special drug to cure her rare disease. It only takes 200 dollars to make, but the pharmacy charges 2000 dollars. The man does not have enough money and can not raise it in time to save his wife. So he breaks in and takes the medicine. Should he have done that? I recently read your article admonishing a student for stealing a 60 dollar book. I think the greater concern is what would posses a quasi-educated young man to steal a 60 dollar paperback book that probrably cost about 4.17 to make? Need. This campus bookstore and bookstores all around the country are ripping of those most incapable of recourse. Most of us need the books to pass classes, and these people are taking advantage of this fact. The prices are truly out of hand. At the end of the semester the booksellers are callous enough to buy the books back at the price they’re actully worth! Shame on you Houstonion for not seeing the beneath the crime! How dare you call yourselves the voice of the student. Untill the prices go down on those books, I completly withhold judgement on this “Bookstore Bandit. ” For they created this theft problem for themselves. And the next time someone slips an unpaid-for book into their backpack, I sincerely hope they do not get caught.

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