Dunk a professor

Students can now take their aggressions out on professors and support a good cause.Program Council will sponsor “Dunk A Prof” on Tuesday, Oct. 8. A dunk tank on loan from the Knights Of Columbus will be set up in the LSC Mall Area from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. allowing students a chance to dunk a professor.The cost will be a donation of one dollar for four shots at the target. Donations benefit the Huntsville SaafeHouse, which shelters battered women and children and provides clothes and various hygiene products for them. Although one dollar is the minimum asked, any donations exceeding that amount is welcome.It is not certain which professors will be available to be dunked, so it will be a surprise on the event day who will dangling their feet above the tank.”You get a chance to dunk a professor,” said Amy Anderson, programming chair in charge of the event. “It’s your opportunity to get a professor wet.”When asked who they would like to see dunked, students were very quick to answer, but all wished to remain anonymous.”We want to see Dr. Demars get dunked,” said a pair of radio television students. “Ask any other RTV major and they’ll agree.””I’d personally like to see Dr. Samuels in the economics department get it,” said another student.”The professor I would just love to see dunked would be Mrs. Bacorn,” said an anonymous junior “I would definitely pay way more than a dollar for that.”Among the others making the list of potential dunkees were Dr. Thelma Douglass, Dr. Douglas Krienke and Dr. Joaquin Rodriguez-Barbara.While it is still unclear exactly which professors will be involved in the event, one thing is certain: no one will be safe if they are sitting on that narrow strip of wood two to three feet over the pool of icy water.For more information on Dunk A Prof or the Huntsville SaafeHouse, please contact Program Council at 294-1763.

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