Talented Tenth searches for “Bearkat Idol”

The SHSU organization Talented Tenth hosted the first installment of the “Bearkat Idol” talent show Wednesday night. in the LSC Theater.The show is modeled after the FOX Network talent contest “American Idol”, and will start with 30 contestants singing in various different categories.Talented Tenth President Dallas Jones said the organization decided to put on the show after all the hysteria surrounding the “American Idol.” He said that he hopes the show will help bring together everyone on campus.”We’re hoping to cross the cultural lines so the Sam Houston State campus can enjoy it,” said Jones.Jones said the Talented Tenth is dedicated to building strong leadership skills in black men and the betterment of SHSU. “We noticed that it had an appeal; we thought it would appeal to the whole campus,” said Shelby Allen, vice president. “That show had a lot of crossover appeal as far as audience is concerned.”Jones also said the goal of the project is not to bring notice to Talented Tenth, but for all people to have a good time.”We didn’t intend to bring attention to our organization,” said Allen. “We were just trying to do something fun.”The contest will be divided into four shows, which will be held Oct. 2, 16, 23 and 30, all at 7 p.m. The first three shows will take place in the LSC Theater. The final installment will be the LSC Ballroom. During the first show, each contestant will be given one minute to sing a song a cappella, which is without music. “There’s going to be some of everything,” said Allen. “R&B, pop, some country and two people who are singing in Spanish.”Admission into the show is $1 with a canned good, and $2 without. All canned goods will be donated to the Good Shepherd Mission.The show will feature four judges modeled after the judges on “American Idol.” Jones said the judges were selected based on honesty, diversity and experience in entertainment.As with “American Idol,” one of the “Bearkat Idol” judges will also give harsh criticism of singers.Mical Roy, public relations executive for the Talented Tenth, said the inclusion of a tough judge was necessary.”It wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have a harsh judge,” said Roy. “I think most people will be looking for the mean judge. If they obviously can’t sing, he’ll let them know.”Students participating in the contest do not have to pay to enter, and the Talented Tenth is hoping to raise enough money to send the winner to the audition for “American Idol 2” in Austin. Roy said the group is currently working out the costs to send and house the winner in Austin during the competition.Roy said that he believes SHSU is the first campus to put on such a show in the wake of “American Idol”, and hopes the idea will catch on at other universities.”I think we’re the first,” said Roy. “Maybe when other campuses hear about this program, they’ll do it too.””We invite everyone on campus who enjoyed ‘American Idol’ to come down and see the show,” said Allen.”Hopefully we’ll become so popular people will ask us to make this an annual event,” said Roy.As to why students should work hard in the contest, Jones had this to say.Jones said students should work hard in the contest ‘to become the next biggest thing on campus. “To become the next superstar.”

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