The Complaint

Joseph Hill

The ComplaintThe student body, as a body, has transformed in recent years. It has changed into one collective unit; the complaint. The whine is the new symbol of our generation. If we do not like something, we whine about it. That is why there is no collective change in the status quo, we are too busy whining and complaining to take any form of action.Take for instance the Pro-life demonstration on campus last week. As seen in the editorial pages of this newspaper, people were flagrantly insulted by this harsh display of unborn and aborted fetuses. But instead of taking action and doing something about it, such as bringing a pro-choice organization to campus, they complain about how the demonstration ruined their day. They complained about how seeing those unborn fetuses disrupted the daily daydream through life. In this reader’s opinion, the presentation on campus did every thing that it was meant to do. It presented an issue and forced us, as students, to come to terms with it. Even the most adamant pro-choice people were forced to question their beliefs when faced with the startling realities of a dead fetus. And in the majority of the student body, as shown in some of the editorials in this paper, did was raise a collective whine. Freedom of speech is supposedly one of the foundations that makes this country great. Any organization should be allowed to come to Sam Houston State University and be allowed to present their views in an area designated to be best suited for free speech. It has been organizations such as Justice for All, which have brought justice to others. Take for instance, the NAACP. For years, African Americans were repressed both socially and politically. It was not until the NAACP raised awareness of these conditions by showing the American People the harsh truths of what had been happening. This involved pictures of Emmet Till, pictures of hangings and all sort of gruesome violence on African Americans at the hands of whites. It was these harsh pictures, often deeming unsightly and shocking by a large portion of the public, that brought about change. Regardless of what one thinks of abortion, those pictures presented on campus were the truth, no matter how offending they might be. The truth hurts, so they say. People have also complained about the lack of other organizations presenting views in this area. That is due to the lack of student involvement. If one wishes to bring an organization to the free speech area, they must actively seek that organization, instead of just whining about the lack of one. Take initiative and form the organization yourself and find other like-minded people and bring those organizations that one wishes to see to campus. The only way to increase the viewpoints on this campus is to increase the number of views available and that can only be done through student involvement and interaction.Complaints without action have never gotten anyone anywhere. Students of this university must realize that there are real issues that they must confront in their lives, which exist outside of Huntsville. Not until people quit this useless whining and realize that in order to solve a problem, such as the abortion dilemma, they must collectively form and do something about it. A series of disjointed voices has an ugly sound, but a choir joined together in unison is beautiful and its message is clearly heard.

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