Administration is making getting an education difficult

Recently, The Houstonian has published several articles concerning the understaffing of the communications department.I would like to offer my perspective.I am one of the many non-traditional students attending SHSU, and like many, I also have a full-time job.My job is in the afternoons and evenings, leaving my mornings free to attend class. However, many classes I require to graduate are only offered in the afternoon or only once a semester and fill rapidly. This presents a dilemma. Not working is not an option for me I have to work to support myself, yet I want to complete my education and move to the next phase of my life.I am actually lucky, for I have an understanding boss and sympathetic co-workers who are flexible. Together we have worked out a schedule that benefits all involved and still allows me to attend class.But what about the other students who are not so fortunate? How are students to take necessary classes when the classes needed are not offered when they can take them because of inadequate staffing? Is it the administration’s intent to hinder students’ efforts to receive an education in a timely manner? Does the administration not realize that not every student at SHSU is the traditional sort who has nothing but time to devote to their studies, that some students have families or jobs or both that require their time and attention?This semester I am taking one class that counts toward my major degree requirements one. The other classes I needed were either offered too late in the day to fit into my schedule or were closed by the time I registered.The growing number of communication students and the fact many journalism classes fill rapidly should be a strong indication to the administration that more classes should be offered to fill the needs of the students. The only way to offer more classes without overloading the existing staff is to expand the staff. After all, the students and their quest for an education are the reason the university exists.I knew completing my education would be difficult, but I did not know the administration would make it more so.

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