Get married because you’re in love, not because of a child conceived through wedlock

Whether from pre-marital or intermarital sex, bastard children and the parents who bear them have a negative connotation. Call them what you will, the topic of a child born or conceived out of wedlock has a nasty history born in a world of oppressive feudalism and medieval religion.However, generation by generation the issue is becoming a more tolerable and acceptable one. I’ve been to two weddings. And in both cases the girl was pregnant. Both weddings were wonderful ceremonies and anyone who questioned the couple’s integrity or honor, were themselves questioned. And in most weddings I hear about, pregnancy is usually the case. Getting married because of an “unplanned pregnancy” is usually pushed by the parents. And usually done in quick order to have the wedding before the birth. But is hanging on to this ancient system really the best solution for our society? Instead of being swayed by their parents, people should do the more honorable thinglisten to their heart. And if this means not getting married to someone who you’ve had a child with, so be it. Now it’s still very, very important that “both” parents take care of their child, so, in that way, the couple must have a relationship to ensure that happens. But marrying someone just because someone else says “It’s the right thing to do,” is actually the wrong thing to do.People should be getting married because they love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together, not because of “an accident” that turns into a religious obligation.Some people may be reading this and declare, “Oh what sin! What is this man thinking? A child born of sin is illegitimate and bastardized! And its parents are a sinful couple.” I welcome you to the 21st century, anyone who would say anything like this. It’s okay to have a child and not be married. It’s okay for a couple to conceive a child and then never get married. Or, as in seemingly most cases, get married at a later date (as long as they love one another). And these circumstances, all perfectly fine, are becoming the norm as they should be. We’ve learned from our parents mistakes, yet still have a difficult time as they push those mistakes on us. And I for one, am very glad to be in my generation, a much more tolerable one than the previous (the Baby-boom.) And these words and phrases: “Bastard, Illegitimate, Child out of wedlock,”-They really need to go. The only reason I used them was to make the point of how offensive they are.When two people have a child, it’s a wonderful occasion and should be celebrated. When someone tells me they have a son or daughter, I, as well as many in my generation feel very happy for them. And whether that person is single, married, planned to be married or whatever, doesn’t really matter as long as there is a child and a parent to love him or her.

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