The perfect fast food restaurant

I am a fast food junkie. I like the grease, I like the extra cheese, and I like to Super Size. Because I love fast food, I have often thought about the perfect fast food restaurant. If you could take something from each drive-thru window in town, you could create a fast food heaven.Start on the west side at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Its original recipe chicken is the best fried chicken in town. It is juicy, full of flavor and loaded with grease. It doesn’t get any better. Then you can drive over to Burger King and pick up a breaded chicken sandwich and a Whopper. The chicken sandwich is crispy and juicy. It is so good that I ask for extra mayonnaise (and I am a mustard girl). The Whopper is flame broiled. What else can I say?Across the interstate, you can get McDonald’s french fries. Everyone knows McDonald’s has the number one fries in America for a reason.Along 11th Street you can stop off at Church’s for fried okra, Popeye’s for mashed potatoes and Texas Burger for its chicken finger baskets and Blue Bell ice cream, the best ice cream in the country. Wait, Texas Burger is now a dine-in Sonic. So now you can get Sonic’s tater tots and chili cheese dogs. And Sonic definitely has the best drinks in town. You get Styrofoam cups that do not get soggy and every restaurant should have Sonic ice.Across town on Sam Houston Avenue you can stop at Wendy’s and get the best ‘fast food’ salads in town. The vegetables are fresh and crunchy and you get a breadstick. I know it’s not as greasy as other choices but it will still make fast food heaven.After Wendy’s comes Long John Silver’s, Taco Bell and Jack in the Boxhushpuppies, Taco Supreme, and the Sourdough Jack. Jack and his antennae balls are irritating but the burger is great.On the north side is Dairy Queen. You have to get a Blizzard and a banana split. DQ has the best fast food desserts. While the drive-thru windows in town offer plenty to make the perfect fast food restaurant, we lack an Arby’s and a Chick-Fil-A.Arby’s Beef-n-Cheddar sandwich is delicious. It is piled high with thinly sliced roast beef, gobs of cheddar cheese and Arby’s sauce (the secret to a good beef sandwich).Chick-Fil-A has the best chicken nuggets I’ve ever had. They are so tasty you don’t even need barbeque sauce. We will have a Chick-Fil-A when the LSC opens.Okay, so I eat too much fast food and I actually think about creating the perfect fast food restaurant. It’s better than thinking about how unhealthy it is.

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